Guest Post

Sweet Valentines

By MonicaStrawberries in the shape of a heart. Photo credit: Ula Kapala

On Valentine’s Day, we often plan a nice evening to spend with our significant others. For many, that means going out to dinner.  Since managing weight is an important part of managing Diabetes, you want to be careful that you don’t eat too much at dinner.  My suggestion is have a small snack like some nuts or fruit before you go.  Eating something small beforehand will help control your appetite so when you sit down to dinner, you’re not so hungry that you over eat.

If you’re staying home, you can still celebrate with a sweet treat you make yourself.  Find an easy recipe for something like banana bread, and top it with yogurt “frosting”.  The great thing about yogurt is it comes in many flavors; if vanilla is too plain, maybe try strawberry.  And, many brands have fruit on the bottom that you can stir up so you get the fruit mixed in.  If you don’t like to bake or don’t have time, you can make a dessert of yogurt, fruit and nuts (that’s tasty as well as healthy).

Making something at home gives you more control over the calories and how much sugar and salt is used.  But you can still get a healthy sweet treat to celebrate when eating out.  Many restaurants serve fruit and yogurt parfaits; if you don’t see it listed on the menu, ask you waiter.  The restaurant wants you to be happy, so there’s a good chance they’ll make a special order for you.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

(Photo credit: Ula Kapala)