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Life Happens

Managing Diabetes is a full time job.  Testing blood sugar, managing medications and making healthy food choices are all daily activities.  You do your best to log your blood sugar, eat right and find time to exercise so you maintain good control of your Diabetes.  But sometimes things in your life get in the way.  

Maybe the train home was delayed so dinner ended up being fast food from the drive-thru.  Or family obligations have kept you from going to the gym regularly.  Or you missed the timing of your medications because you’re out with friends having a good time.  It can be discouraging when all the hard work you’ve put into keeping your blood sugars in range and looking after your health is interrupted by things you can’t easily predict or control.  

Life happens.  The important part is not to get down on yourself for those times when your management isn’t 100% perfect.  Instead, focus on a recent accomplishment—the week you went for a walk every night after dinner, a drop in your last A1C, or any other moment you find inspiring—to motivate you to pick back up and continue on. 

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed or think you might be suffering from Diabetes Burnout, try talking to someone you trust—a Diabetes educator, family member or close friend who can offer support and encouragement.  It’s also important to talk to your health care provider if you think you’re experiencing Diabetes burnout.  You might also consider joining a support group.  Diabetes support groups are available regularly at the Mass General main campus and regional HealthCare Centers.

(Post content reviewed by MGH Diabetes Center)