Introducing DSME Comics

Thanks everyone who submitted name suggestions.  After reviewing all the entries, we are happy to introduce Suzie and Ray.

Back in June we posted a comic on tips for practicing mindful eating.  Today we’re happy to share that the stars of that comic will be making another appearance very soon.  In fact, we’re planning to give them their own series.  But if they’re going to be regular fixtures on our blog, they’re going to need names!  So we thought we’d ask you for help with naming our up-and-coming stars.

Check out their bios below.  If you have any suggestions for names, leave a comment on this post or send us an e-mail:

 DSME Character 1

Character 1:  She only recently learned that she has diabetes and isn’t quite sure how to feel about it.  She’s grateful for the support of her neighbor though, and credits him with helping her stay positive.

She’s making a conscious effort to prepare more meals at home and is planning to take a cooking class at her local community center.  Since she travels often for work, she’s learning more about making healthy choices at restaurants.

DSME Character 2

Character 2:  He’s been living with diabetes for several years and has made some healthy changes into his diet, from eating more vegetables and whole grains to paying close attention to portion size at meal time.  Family is very important to him, and he hopes his efforts have inspired them to live healthy lives as well.

If there’s one thing he would like to work on, it’s getting more regular exercise.  He loves playing backyard baseball with his nephew in the summer, but thinks he could do more to be active the rest of the year.