That Time I Ran a 5K…

Our social media project manager ran her first 5K last weekend – congrats!


Running toward the finish I’m not a runner.  I know there are countless fitness and running blogs that start the same way, but running and I have just never gelled.  I didn’t play any sports in high school, and one of the most dreaded activities was running the “gym class loop” around the football field.  I’ve gotten to know many people through the years who run regularly, but I didn’t have much interest in trying it myself.  I’m much happier going for a hike, riding my bike or practicing yoga.  That changed after last year’s Boston Marathon.

Although I wasn’t directly affected, I was still touched by the events.  One of my former classmates had finished running the marathon earlier in the day.  Some of my colleagues and friends on Twitter were at the finish line or watching from other spots along the route.  The hospital where I work treated many of the injured.  I…

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