Diabetes ABCs

Diabetes ABCs: Q

Quiet Time / Relaxation
By Paula Cerqueira, Dietetic InternQ

When you’re under stress, your body generates hormones that counteract the action of insulin, increase insulin resistance, and promote an increase in blood sugar levels. So, while you may regularly manage your blood sugar levels with diet, exercise, and medication, stress can still cause you blood sugar levels to rise.  That is why quiet time and stress management is integral to diabetes management.

The first step in stress management is not letting stress distract you from taking care of yourself.  And while exercising and eating well can relieve stress and increase energy levels, it’s also important to take a quiet moment for yourself and just breathe.  Try focusing on the positive aspects of your life and push any stress triggers out of your mind.  Breathing exercises, talking to loved ones and meditation have all proven to be successful relaxation techniques, but it’s important to find the stress-relieving activities that work for you.

Reviewed by Debra Powers, MS, RD, CDE, LDN, Senior Clinical Nutritionist

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