Guest Post, My Story

Taming Holiday Temptation

By Monica

nuts and nutcracker. Photo credit:  Mike Coombes

The holidays are here.  It’s hard to not be tempted to eat a tasty pastry when there are so many holiday lunches at work and parties to go to.  I have a few suggestions for warding off holiday temptations that have worked for me—and they might work for you too! 

First, if you’re out shopping and know you’re going to a lunch party later, try to hold off on buying a pastry in the morning.  Sometimes not seeing the treat anymore can take away your craving.  So for instance if you’re in the supermarket facing a large display of cakes and pastries and starting to feel tempted, just walk away.  Go to the produce section and get a healthy snack like a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts—that can help take away cravings too. 

But what if you’re baking at home?  All the ingredients are out on the counter and the kitchen smells delicious—how do you keep from being tempted then?  What I usually do is leave a small bowl of dried fruit and nuts on the kitchen table so when we’re doing our baking at my house, there’s a healthy snack in easy reach to help take care of my cravings.  This is good for other times when you’re at home and need a snack, too.  You can also put a bowl of hazelnuts (or other type of nut still in the shell) out along with a nut cracker.  Cracking open nuts before you can eat them makes you slow down so there’s no repetitive, mindless eating.  You also need to chew longer which can help you feel full faster so you eat less.  I also find cracking open the nuts myself is therapeutic because all your attention is focused on what you’re doing. 

Finally, I’m not going to say you can’t ever have pastry.  But, if you do decide to eat a holiday treat, go lightly and have just a small piece.  Have a good holiday!

(Photo credit:  Mike Coombes)

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